Dental Disease and Nutrition interact

The PROBLEM, missing nutrients

Dental disease and nutrition are related. Dental disease is a bacterial infection that can be controlled by proper hygiene and a nutritious diet.

Dental disease is being driven by processed food to a large extent. The amount of refined sugar you consume will determine how much tooth decay you have, while it also affects gum disease.

The American diet consists of highly processed foods. Dental disease and nutrition are proportional with dental disease increasing as nutrition declines. Processed foods are fast and easy to prepare but much of the nutritional value has been removed in the process.

Even fresh vegetables and fruit may have been handled in such a way as to eliminate much of the nutrition. When fruits and vegetables are picked early so they will travel to the supermarket and still look good to the consumer, some additional nutrition is lost.

When soils are depleted of their minerals the essential mineral nutrients never get in the plant. All of these factors contribute to dental disease. Dental disease and nutrition in this country are being affected by our fast food way of eating, busy life style, in addition to our whole way of handling and processing food.

The result is that the consumer doesn’t know what they are getting in the way of nutrition, even when they “eat right.” Dental disease and nutrition are related so it is no wonder dental disease has been increasing in our processed food society.

Over consumption of refined sugar is directly related to dental disease as well as diabetes and heart disease. Dental disease and nutrition are related in an inverse way and so are heart disease and diabetes.

A deficiency of Coenzyme Q10 shows in the mouth as gum disease. It shows up in the heart as heart disease.

Your mouth is a window to your health. We will see gum disease well before your heart disease will manifest itself. The things that will cure your gum disease will also affect your heart health in a positive way.

The Secondary Problem, Digestive failure

No matter how healthy you eat, if your body can’t digest your food you won’t get any benefit from the nutrition you consume.

Your digestive system is supposed to break down the food you eat into its elements so those elements, that your body needs, can be absorbed. Dental disease and nutrition are related so it is important that the right components are there.

The work is done by digestive enzymes in the food, those produced by your body and the probiotics in your digestive tract to break down the food so the nutrients can be effectively absorbed.

The Solution PART 1, Repair digestion

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that digest your food so that it can be absorbed. Many things such as stress, antibiotics, chlorinated water, and certain drugs, destroy these friendly bacteria. If they aren’t replaced regularly your digestion becomes poor and you suffer from acid indigestion, heartburn, ulcers and other symptoms of poor digestion.

There aren’t many sources of probiotics in our diets today. Live culture yogurt is one rare example. If you ever take antibiotics or suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion you need to take some supplemental enzymes and probiotics.

Millions of dollars are spent every year on indigestion products from antacids to drugs. While these treatments relieve the symptoms, they don’t fix the problem.

Most people will fix their digestive problems if they take some probiotics and enzymes and the problem would stay fixed and there would be no harmful side effects.

The drugs all have harmful side effects and should only be used to treat the symptoms for immediate relief but then you should fix the problem.

If you supplement with probiotics and enzymes regularly you will reduce or eliminate your indigestion attacks and you won’t ruin your body’s ability to digest your food.

The Solution PART 2, Repace nutrients

For the reasons mentioned above, you can’t be sure if you are getting the nutrition you need from the food you can buy at the grocery store. Most likely you won’t be getting all the essential proteins and minerals your body needs.

Synthetic supplements aren’t the best solution. The additional nutrients in a glass of orange juice make it a much better source of vitamin C than a pill that is synthetic.

There are also phyto-nutrients we don’t even know about that are essential. They are in the food not in the synthetic substitute.

The most nutrient dense source of protein and minerals that I am aware of is aphanizominon flos aqua or Super Blue Green Algae. It is available from Cell Tech and supplies all the essential proteins and trace minerals your body needs on a daily basis.

This company also provides a complete line of digestive products that I have been using for 20 years.

The following link will take you to their website for a complete education in nutrition. The money you spend on their products will be money you don’t have to spend on doctor bills to repair the damage done by poor nutrition.

On my Recommended Supplements page I list what I take to keep my body in good health. I also list my nutrition recommendations for various conditions such as heartburn and gum disease.

How to Resolve dental disease and nutrition problems