What, Me Worry? The Government will take care of me.

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If you are like me you are a bit worried about what our government officials are doing to our economy in general and your job in particular. You may also be a bit concerned with what has happened to your investments. Experience has shown that every government program costs more than they say it will and creates other problems that they don’t anticipate.

I for one have decided to hedge my bets. I have started working on an alternative source of income that is unrelated to my current field so that I will have a fallback position if they trash my current source of income. I am working with a company with a unique program that will generate a significant income in a relatively short period of time. It has a very low startup cost, insignificant ongoing or yearly costs and it is internet based so you can do it from anywhere in the world. You don’t need any special skills. My 84 year old mother is doing this business and having a ball.

Unlike the government, we need to cut our expenses and find additional sources of income if we are going to survive and prosper through this time period. The government is spending your money like drunken sailors and instead of cutting back any spending, they are increasing spending to unconscionable levels. They will have to increase their income from taxes which will come from your income. It will also kill any hope of a recovery by taking money from the productive members of the society. Your ability to take care of yourself will be reduced as they take more of your money through taxes and make the money they do let you keep worthless through inflation.

The wrong thing to do is give up, surrender to the lies and give away your freedom for some supposed security that the government will provide. This entire crisis is designed to make you quit. To make you feel so helpless that you will accept whatever plan the government puts together to save you. This is how the Constitution has been circumvented in the past and the tactics are the same this time. You can rest assured that what the people in Washington say they are doing (sound bites) is the opposite of what they are really doing. (read the bills)

I talk to patients every day that have lost their jobs and they didn’t see it coming so they had no time to plan for it. As a small business owner I know firsthand that the only place I can cut expenses is to reduce payroll. All my other costs are fixed and if I don’t pay them I am out of business.

Fight back against the government by making more money than they can confiscate. The best way to defend yourself is to flourish and prosper.

I am also writing and calling my Representative and Senators on every issue demanding they represent me and not the special interests that are paying them. This country has a system in place to fix this but we as citizens have been asleep for decades. The federal Government has forgotten who they work for because we haven’t held them accountable. That is changing and you can be part of it or a spectator.

An American Citizen worthy of the name is not a spectator.