Amalgam free dentists
like Doctor Alston
use only the latest techniques.

Dr Alston is one of the current generation of amalgam free dentists that has adopted the latest technology for restorations. He has always kept current with the latest developments in dentistry. He was doing implants as early as 1975. He has participated in many hours of continuing education each year to keep his knowledge and skills current. He is currently studying the techniques of the doctors who are pioneering "tooth conserving dentistry". It will revolutionize how crowns are done.

He does bonded tooth colored restorations exclusively. He does not do any silver/amalgam fillings and hasn't since 2002, making him an amalgam free dentist. Bonding technology has advanced to the stage that fillings can look natural as well as be strong.

He believes that a person can "keep their teeth for life" if they are educated how to do it, and if their restorations are designed to make their teeth stronger instead of weakening then more.

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A little family history
and a brief Resume

He has been married to his wife, Diane, since 1983 and they have three children. Stephen was born in 1988 and Samantha and Amanda were born 1991.

Dralston.jpg Doctor Alston went to pre-dental college at the University of California at Davis from 1964 through 1965. He went to Dental School at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco from 1966 through 1970. He lived in the Haight-Ashbury district of SF and was in the middle of the hippy revolution. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1970.
Pelham.jpg He served in the United States Army Reserve as a Captain for two years from 1970 through 1971. He worked in a troop clinic at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri in 1970 and he was the Officer in Charge of the Dental Clinic located in an Artillery firebase in Camp Pelham South Korea in 1971.

When he returned from overseas in 1972 he started a group practice with one of his classmates in Sacramento California.
camaro.jpg During that time he started a family business named Alston Race Cars. He raced sports cars sucessfully, winning many races, until 1987
He moved his family and his practice to Ogden Utah in 1995.
field.jpg In 1998 he rejoined the Army Reserve and started Alston Family Dental Center in Washington Terrace Utah.
mjralston.jpg Currently Doctor Alston is a Lieutenant Colonel serving in the United States Army Reserve and has been called upon to support both troops and civilians in a number of missions.
costarica.jpg Some of the support missions are to 3rd world countries to provide care for civilians.
germany.jpg Other missions were rotations to support troops deployed for the Iraq war like this mission to Germany.
DanIraq.jpg Dan in front of his truck in Tikrit Iraq.
Salam.jpg Dan working on Salam, one of our hospital interpreters. He was cold so we had a blanket on him. It was 88 in the clinic and 137 outside.

Doctor Alston believes in prevention and places many sealants and preventive resin restorations that stop decay before it does much damage to the tooth. He moved to the new restoration techniques and now is exclusively an amalgam free dentist taking advantage of the latest generation of bonding technologies. He encourages regular hygiene visits to maintain a healthy mouth and detect any problems while they are small.

He believes that nutrition is a critical aspect of health and counsels his patients about the dangers in their diet. He is aware that dental disease is an indicator of more serious problems such as heart disease and diabetes and educates people that they are related.

His goal is to treat his patients as he does his family with the best, most cost effective dental care available