Trouble with dentist anxiety? Why should you choose us?

We use the latest technology

Dr. Alston has been dealing with dentist anxiety while practicing dentistry since 1970. He has been using the latest techniques and materials for all that time. He doesn't go with fads that aren't the best choice for his patients, but once a technique is proven effective he gets educated to use it and applies it for his patients. This often means that he is using techniques and materials that most dentists won't be using for several years yet.

He uses Oral Sedation for apprehensive patients that request it. Oral Sedation helps them to sleep through their dental visits and is safer than being put completely out. It is a very effective way to cope with dental anxiety.

We specialize in Low Anxiety Dentistry

He is a very relaxed (some might say laid back) individual and he conveys that to his patients. Dentist anxiety can produce a lot of tension and nervousness and Dr Alston is very good at relieving anxiety. His relaxed manner and gentle touch have converted thousands of people from dental phobics to relaxed dental patients who can experience a dental visit without anxiety.

We treat the whole patient, not just teeth

Dr Alston is an excellent clinician and prides himself in restoring smiles. He restores not only the teeth in the smile but his patients willingness to smile. A nice smile can change a persons life, a good bite can change a persons health. Your teeth are important because of how they relate to the rest of you. We handle dental problems in the manner that is best for your overall health and wellbeing.