CareToShare PatientRewards - Patient Loyalty Program at Ogden Smiles

At OGDENSMILES we have started a Care To Share - PatientRewards Program to show our appreciation for you entrusting us with your dental care and to give back to our loyal patients.

We understand that you have many options for your dental care and we are working hard to deserve your business. If you have any questions that didn’t get answered or would like to give us some feedback about your visit, please call or e-mail me at DrDan e-mail.
There are only two ways we attract new patients.

1. An existing patient refers one of their family or friends.

2. We spend money on advertising in newspapers, the phone book, the internet, direct mail etc.

In the current economy it is important to spend our advertising dollars wisely. The items under 2 above are very expensive and I have decided to re-allocate some of those advertising dollars to 1 by initiating a Patient Rewards Program.

Download and print CareToShare Certificates to give to anyone you know who needs a new dentist. They come three to a page and you can download as many as you want. Put your name on the certificate after compliments of: and enter the date you give it to them at presentation date. You may also call the office for CareToShare Certificates or get them during your appointment.

When someone you referred presents a certificate and they have their exam you will receive a $25 Patient Reward for recommending us to them.

You will also get one entry in our monthly drawing for each patient you refer.

The monthly drawing is for a $50 gift Certificate to Rodizio Grill in SLC.

We appreciate your referrals and now we have a way to show that appreciation with our Patient Rewards Program.