Working as a pain free dentist
on active duty

Military Information

Doctor Alston in Iraq

Dr. Alston has used his skills as a pain free dentist in 40 years of practice in the states and as a member of the United States Army Reserve. He is a Lieutenant Colonel and is a member of the 143rd Medical Company (DS) stationed at Fort Douglas. Fort Douglas is located near the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.

His military service requires a 14 day tour of duty each year for training purposes. Since 911 he has been gone over 30 days many years.

The unit has been deployed for humanitarian missions and to support the dental clinics in Germany during the combat phase of operation Iraqi Freedom where he has used his skills as a pain free dentist in a variety of locations and conditions.

During the time Dr Alston has been in the Reserves they have been deployed to:

Deployment History

Panama - 14 days 1997
Alaska - 14 days 1998
Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana -14 days 1999
El Salvador - 15 days 2000
Officers Advance Course – Fort Sam Houston -14 days 2001
Germany -17 days 2002
Germany -31 days 2003
Costa Rica -31 days 2004
Operation Iraqi Freedom – Iraq 118 days 2005
Dominican Republic - 28 Days 2006
Operation Golden Medic, Camp Parks CA - 14 Days 2007
SotoCano Air Base Honduras - 17 Days 2008
Guatemala City, Guatemala - 15 Days 2009
Penoneme Panama - 15 Days 2010

Dr Alston completed a tour where he was working as a dentist overseas in Tikrit Iraq from May 30,2005 until September 13,2005. The Army has a policy of 90 days “boots on the ground” for doctors. That means that they will only keep them in Iraq for 90 days. It takes several weeks to get ready to go and to return so the total time he was gone was 118 days.

Cara provided checkups and cleanings while he was gone. We had associate doctors available to handle any work that was needed while he was gone and to handle emergencies.

Thanks to everyone who came for recall. It helped keep the bills paid while he was gone and was greatly appreciated.