Dental care and diseases
Recommended Supplements

Dental care and diseases are affected by nutrition. These page describes the supplements I routinely take. There are many others that I use for other situations but these are what I try to give my body every day. I eat as healthy as I can but who knows what I am getting. With these supplements I know I am giving my body the basic building blocks it needs to rebuild it and to fight off disease.

Dental care and diseases related to dental care are a subject I have studied extensively in my 35 years of dental practice. The particular supplements that are useful for dental care and diseases related to dental care are something I have tested and evaluated.

Finding Quality Supplements, Value vs Cost.

There are lots of supplements out there and there is no FDA control over their quality. I know the Cell Tech Company from close personal experience and I trust their manufacturing and product ethics. There are other ethical suppliers out there and I included links to the products of the ones I feel comfortable with.

Dental care and diseases related to dental care is a complex interaction with the whole body so you must use your own judgment.

If you can buy an acidophilus supplement for a few dollars and the ones I recommend are over $30 for the same amount, something is wrong. Either the cheap one is worthless or the expensive one is a rip off. As in most things, you get what you pay for.

What makes a supplement a value?

For more information on Dental care and diseases read what my references tell you to look for and make up your own mind. Remember, whole foods are better than synthetic substitutes.

  1. All Cell Tech products are from nature. They are food products.
  2. Herbs and plants are what nature made.
  3. The nutritional value in the products can be destroyed by processing, as most of our foods are, so how the products are processed is important.
  4. The less processing they receive the more nutritional value they have.

Dental care and diseases are both serious issues so you need QUALITY supplemets that were processed correctly, even though it is usually more expensive to do, hence the increase in price of the good products.

Not all supplements can be digested effectively

Dental care and diseases related to it are a big business and there are many suppliers, however many multivitamins are junk that you can’t digest. They have the required chemicals in them to qualify as a vitamin, but they can’t be completely digested or properly used by your body.

Coenzyme Q10 is expensive to get in high quality and is best digested when taken with some oil. The good companies produce it in gel caps with some essential fatty acids to make sure you get the most out of it. This is reflected in the price.

The cheap stuff isn’t cheap in the long run.

Because you can’t necessarily feel any difference from taking supplements, you won’t know they aren’t helping until you have the problem you were trying to prevent.

The Supplements I know that work

Dental care and diseases related to dental care are a subject I have studied extensively in my 35 years of dental practice. The particular supplements that are useful for dental care and diseases related to dental care are something I have tested and evaluated. They also work well for many other health issues including heart disease and diabetes. If you are interested in my recommendations here is what i use.


  1. 2 capsules of food enzymes, as needed with meals
    Order enzymes or View Datasheet


  2. Cleansing System Cleansing system or View Datasheet 1 to 2 capsules from each bottle at bedtime until bottle is gone

    While taking antibiotics

  3. Take 4 additional capsules of probiotic daily
    Order Probiotics or view Datasheet *Yeast infections often occur with antibiotics. Taking probiotics will often prevent them as well. Regular supplementation will help to prevent the yeast from becoming a problem.

    For periodontal disease

  4. 2 capsules of CoQ10
    Order Coenzyme Q10 or View Datasheet Q10 can help to improve the healing of the tissues. Regular supplementation once the disease is controlled will prevent a deficiency of this essential nutrient, which is also known to be a factor in heart disease.

    Detoxify your system

    For the unhealthy individual to start. You must fix your digestion and detoxify your system to begin with. If your digestion doesn’t work, anything you eat won’t be absorbed.

  5. 4 capsules of probiotic each morning.
    Order probiotics or view Datasheet
  6. Take 2 capsules of Enzymes with meals
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  7. Drink 1 gallon of distilled water each day to flush out toxins and keep you properly hydrated. You may experience some detoxing reactions when you start. You may have more bowel movements and occasionally skin eruptions occur as your body starts ridding itself of toxic buildup. This is normal and if it is too uncomfortable cut back on the amount of probiotic you are taking. It has to happen and it will take longer if you take less, but your tolerance for the symptoms will determine this.


    If you haven’t done any sort of a cleansing process in a year I would recommend a Cleansing System
    Order Cleansing system or View Datasheet

  8. 1 to 2 capsules from each bottle at bedtime until bottles are empty. This will enhance the cleansing process and is something I do each year. Living on the food that we have available and with the pollution in the environment your body will store toxins. A yearly cleansing of your system is good preventive maintenance. The money you invest in proper nutritional supplementation will keep you from requiring the expensive prescription drugs that are used to deal with the damage done by poor nutrition. It will also improve the quality of your life.

Dental care and diseases are not a sugar deficiency and High Cholesterol is not a Lipitor deficiency, it is a condition you caused by eating too much sugar and not getting the nutrition you need. Change your diet and the condition will usually correct itself without drugs. The drugs will consign you to a lifetime of dependency on them. The one you take today will cause the problem that will require a new drug tomorrow. Fix the problem and get off of the drugs. If you are taking medication, don’t stop it without consulting with your doctor. Determine what you need to do to fix the problem you are being treated for and start doing that. As you improve you should be able to reduce your drug dependency until you no longer need them.

Better yet, don’t start them in the first place. Educate yourself on the underlying causes and fix the problem instead of treating the symptoms. It is harder to do and you have to take responsibility for your own health, but the rewards are great. Dental care and diseases related to it are affected by a broad range of other health issues. I have worked with Cell Tech for many years. This link takes you on a tour of the company. "An introduction to Cell Tech"
Click on these links to learn about this company and why their products are so good for you.

If you have any specific questions or need some guidance on the right supplements for you, you can contact me here.

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